What an episode of “Barney & Friends” taught me about Christianity…

(I’ll bet no one saw this post coming!)

My daughter is fairly obsessed with the TV show “Barney & Friends”. We don’t have cable tv so I have about 6 episodes saved on a pen drive that’s permanently connected to my TV. Every single day, we watch at least two of these episodes!

The one in question starts with Baby Bop looking for another dolly for her tea party. In come Riff and BJ with a treasure map they’ve just discovered. Baby Bop wants in on the treasure hunt but BJ and Riff won’t let her join them because she can’t count. Even after Barney asks them to teach her, they still refuse because they want to get a head start on finding the treasure before someone else does. So Barney leaves them and goes to check on Baby Bop. Here lies….

Lesson #1: When you exist/live in someone’s world (in the episodes case, Barney is the headliner and “owner” of the show, in Christianity we believe God created the world), you really should pay attention to what they’re asking you to do so they don’t walk away from you and block your blessings. 

Barney meets an upset Baby Bop outside and after calming her down, takes her through a few games to teach her how to count. A copy of the treasure hunt then magically appears. 

Lesson #2: When you find yourself at a low point and feel inadequate to reach your next level, Jesus will walk with you and teach you what you need to grow. 

BJ and Riff meanwhile search through a whole bookshelf trying to find the number. They are sure it will be a difficult task and not as easy as turning over a rock. Baby Bop found the first clue under a rock. 

Lesson #3: God will use the wisdom of a non-believer and non-follower to amplify the faith of his followers. 

Baby Bop finds all the clues and comes to the last step where she is challenged to recite her numbers from 1-5, everything she had learned, in order to get the treasure 

Lesson #4: Sometimes just when it seems like your goal is within your reach, that’s when you get the biggest test. But with perseverance, you must go through in order to be a complete package. 

A treasure chest was handed to Baby Bop and in it, she found a dolly. She finally had one more dolly for her tea party. This portion produced the biggest lesson of all!

Lesson #5: God knows your heart’s desire and will supply it in your time of need and in a way you would never have imagined. Just stay focused on His instructions even when they don’t seem to be in line with what you think you need. 

I’m not a priest, prophet or chosen spokeswoman for God, (at least I don’t think I am), but every time I watch that episode, (and I do watch it often) my take away is always the same and is as I have shared above. Hopefully it makes sense to you and you find some peace every day in knowing that with God on your side, you can achieve anything. 



2 thoughts on “What an episode of “Barney & Friends” taught me about Christianity…

  1. Hi dear. Got some more wisdom from your post. Simple life shares like this goes a long way in scaling life’s difficulties. I can indeed find peace in God no matter the challenges. Regards to your daughter… 🙂

    1. Hi Ann! Thanks for your comment. Glad to have been able to share some wisdom! 😊😊 All the best to you.

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