“I Am” ~ SM (230615)

I am fire.
I am truth.
I am wind.
I am dew.

I am rough to the touch from a silken hand
I am smooth and easy as I flow through the cracks
I am neither yellow nor blue
I am the light that reflects off a dusk moon.

I am wood and I am clay, but if I may, and on a good day, I am the diamond that catches the sun’s ray
I am as high as I am low
I am the seed you plant and watch grow

I am a scholar
I am a beggar
I am a daytime lover
I am a night time worker

I am the crown and the jewels
I am the skins and the stools
I am the clay thatch roof
I am the rafia woven cocoon

I am all of this and I am none of this
I am all that’s important to you

I am fire.
I am truth.
I am soul.
I am you.


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