Eclipse ~ SM 16.01.17

Dear Sun,
You might find it odd that I’m writing to you today
We were never destined to be bosom buddies, I know
Just to co-exist in a careful balance of ….
I can’t find the words
Would it make sense to you if I told you I was captivated by your fieriness?
Yes, I’m sure people have told you this before
But this is different
You shine so bright, giving of yourself each day, never asking a thing back
Look at me….I’d be invisible without you
I wish I could hold your fire, just for a day, even for a minute
And say I gave you something in return for all that you’ve given me
But since that can’t be
I’ll just stay,

Forever a reflection

Sun: “Little moon, you’re cute
Going around, believing you’re just chasing your own tail
I wish you would recognize the power in the tides and seasons that you control
On a starry camp night, what would the kids do without you as a guiding light?”

Moon: “But it’s only because of you”

Sun: “Hush! That’s only partly true
Do you know what you’re made of?
So tiny, so small, yet you have the ability to cast darkness on them all”

Moon: “Now you’re just talking bull”

Sun: “Am I?
Do you remember when we met?
I was content to let you be…”

Moon: “That was a long time ago…”

Sun: “You never let me finish
Look at me
Do you remember when we met?
I thought you were the most impetuous little thing
Strangely beautiful beyond all that I’ve ever seen
I was intrigued by your many craters
So I let you come closer, I believed you were harmless
Till the day you fell in step with me
And took my glory from me
So little, yet you blocked me from reaching the world
Time stood still
I thought that was my end
But I made it past you and I’m here today”

Moon: “There must be another way”

Sun: “No, there isn’t
You and I are not meant to be
I’m happy here with the Earth as my focus
And as for you, all you need is a little light
I can be that for you
for as long as you need, I’ll be true”

Moon: “Dear Sun, some day, I’ll make you proud.”


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