Getting back in the saddle…

Hey love!

I have been awful at this blog so far for reasons you may by now be fully aware of (refer to post on Procrastination if in doubt!). Something did trigger today’s post, reading the article “Before I Go” written by a dad suffering from lung cancer and losing his life. Although I am not aware that I suffer any terminal illnesses, I do share his sentiments regarding his daughter and his need to leave behind a legacy of words.

So here I am, hoping life does not serve me a cruel hand by shortening my time with you. If it does and I am unable to truly convey to you what you mean to me and how much you positively impact me every day of my life before that time, then I hope I would have left behind words that would leave no doubt in your mind and heart that you are the bestest thing that ever happened to me!

Love you always…angels on guard!


Ps: never repeat that “bestest” grammar in your English class! I will deny you ever got it from me!! ☺️☺️😄😄😉

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