The Thing About Procrastination…

Dear G,

This morning while driving to work, I happened to be listening to a radio talk show where a lady was being interviewed about a business she had set up that was up and running fairly successfully.

The problem?

I had been flirting with that particular business idea some 7 or 8 years ago but in the end, I did nothing to make it a reality. Today, it occurred to me that the success she was speaking about could have been mine. I was bummed.

I do have a very big problem with procrastinating; wanting to do something but putting it off for months and months till I got to the point where the idea or action was buried far and deep in the recesses of my mind, not to be thought of again till something happened to trigger it. Case in point, I got the idea to start this blog even before you were born. To share my thoughts and myself with you, in case something awful happened (still touching wood).

Now if this is a genetic problem, I pray you did not inherit it. Life is too short to waste a second not following through on that one thing that
popped into your head and got you excited and bubbly from breakfast through to lunch!


Believe this; you are as in control of your destiny as you choose to be. Life will ultimately throw you curve balls and situations will come your way that will take you away from whatever path you choose. The key is to know when you’re off track and to have the desire to get back on. You will figure the rest out before you know it.

Attached is one of my all-time favourite songs, “Get Back Up” by TI. I call it “Psych up music!” 🙂 I hope you like it.

Angels on Guard.


Ps. I am going to try not to procrastinate anymore about learning French. So this December, on my 30th birthday, I will post a letter in French with at least a 100 words! Wish me luck!


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