Rocket Ship ~ SM

The percussionist plays a tune on strings cut loose from a sinking line Who said beats were intended to be even or same Red hot streams curdle through pathways linked back to pounding sensations Let him play a tune such as you've never heard, read or seen And when he's done, summon his gait, his … Continue reading Rocket Ship ~ SM

Hats Of Many Colours ~ SM

Pink hat on I dance through the fields chasing buttterflies flitting off trees The wind lifts my pigtails and slaps my ears My smile wide, spread gleefully across my cheeks Blue hat on "People won't like this thing that you do The world is small, I keep hearing about you. Be sensible, be smart. Quit … Continue reading Hats Of Many Colours ~ SM

Frontliner ~ SM

Here within a winter's horizon Meted calamities break the dawn Long daggers and pronged spears Double edged renditions Cogently charged to press on ingrained iniquities A lengthened penance Timed over three scores Unflinchingly still We stay sitting On the frontline Till darkness illuminates itself ~SM~