Mama ~ SM 27.02.17

Mama told me you would be beautiful even before you were born

Mama told me She dreamt of your eyes,
that they sparkled like diamonds;
Eyes that led all you would encounter deep into your soul,
seeking to understand all that you could know.

Mama told me She could hear the bubble of your laughter,
Gurgling deep and a comfort to many a traveller

Mama told me your heart would be pure,
rivaling the finest pearls harvested from the deepest shore

Mama told me you would be beautiful, long before you were even born

Mama told me She could not protect you
from the men who came and robbed you, raped you,
leaving you sore and bleeding, impregnated with an evil child

Mama told me how you hid in disgrace,
not wanting to feel more pain,
yet forgetting from where the hurt came

Mama told me She tried to remind you
that your glory days had not yet come.
She knew you had so much to give and so much to tame.
As did She.

Mama told me about the child you bore,
out of your womb yet who cursed you
and trampled all over your back,
breaking your skin with its clawed grasp,
draining the very core of you

Mama told me how you tried to fight back,
to lead that child to a better path,
to make it stay and listen,
to make it pray yet leave the missions

Mama told me She wanted to help you.
But She couldn’t.
She tried to fight for all of you
but you gave up on Her
and opened your legs up to every hunter, digger and blacksmith you met.

Mama would have fought for all of you,
if only you would have fought for Her too.

Mama doesn’t fight any more
Mama only tells stories
of how beautiful
She once thought
you all would be


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