Hats Of Many Colours ~ SM

Pink hat on
I dance through the fields chasing buttterflies flitting off trees
The wind lifts my pigtails and slaps my ears
My smile wide, spread gleefully across my cheeks

Blue hat on
“People won’t like this thing that you do
The world is small, I keep hearing about you.
Be sensible, be smart.
Quit wearing sleeves that display your heart”

Yellow hat on
“This is who you are
This is who you were meant to be
You can’t do this, it won’t speak well of us
We were born to cut with knives while saving lives”

Orange hat on
“We don’t know who you are
Shouldn’t you be milling with an upper crust squad?
Get out, you don’t fit in here”

Red hat on
“I can’t wait for you”
“I can’t love you as you are”
“I’m not sure about you”
“I can’t” “I won’t” “I tried” “I lied”.

Black hat on
There’s no one to catch you when you fall
Learn to fight beasts, snakes, dragons and more
Keep your battle gear on:
Helmet, check.
Breastplate, check.

White hat on
Let me speak
White hat on
Let me breathe
White hat on
Let me be


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