Lost girl ~ SM

Sitting on the edge of day and last rays She clings to the strings of her paper kite Tighter in the nooks and crannies she kneels Not quite loud but still she speaks At night she counts the stars alight Matching each twinkle to the shine in her eyes Her heart is soothed when waves … Continue reading Lost girl ~ SM

Poem: “Letter To Time” ~ SM

Dear Ram-shackled barn, Your fear of the thunder storm must run deep It came and rapped at your shutters And yet you held firm till it passed Still, you stood A month went by and you believed the worst had passed But clouds gathered and with them your fear grew Darker it became as the … Continue reading Poem: “Letter To Time” ~ SM

Frontliner ~ SM

Here within a winter's horizon Meted calamities break the dawn Long daggers and pronged spears Double edged renditions Cogently charged to press on ingrained iniquities A lengthened penance Timed over three scores Unflinchingly still We stay sitting On the frontline Till darkness illuminates itself ~SM~