God Theory ~ SM

What if I told you, you are God?
That the words in our holy books bear
common themes and threads because
heard the same message
in different languages and our
interpretations gave birth to the “stories” we study today?

Really, what if I told you God was you?
That giving in His house simply means
releasing your flesh from physical dependencies
thus strengthening your spirit man
– your Holy Spirit,
to put out energy into the world that
compels the energies around you to sync with you for your good?

I mean, what if I told you Jesus Christ was you
and you simply needed to believe
that you killed your physical self
and its need for material needs
and in doing so you were reborn
to meet your inner God
in a purity that transcends the things of this earth?

If I told you all this was true,
would you hold yourself in vain above others
or swell with pride at the understanding of the power you wield?
Would you forget the next person was God too?

It’s easier to tell you that God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are separate from you.
Yet I would rather tell you, all three are you.

(c)2019 WordsBySM

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