She ~ SM

She is she
She is he

She is the bough that catches a cradle rocked
Arms splayed and reaching, breaking falls from the highest mountain tops

She is the bridge over the Thames though never falling
Connecting, forgiving, carving paths over troubled waters from winter to spring

She is she
She is he

She is stars spread through blackest skies guiding lost travellers home
Eyes twinkling with the wisdom of known truths barely uttered loud

She sits on walls reaching high
And though she falls she never breaks, nor warrants the king’s mens galloping brigade

She is she
She is he

She builds spouts against tree trunks, hills and broken streets
What’s rain and shine to an eight limbed go-getter?

She leads her blind mice with no butchers knife in sight
Have you ever seen such a thing in your life as three winged mice?

She is she
and She is he

– SM

Wrote and read this at an earlier time for a friend’s mom’s birthday, taking inspiration from my own mother’s life and how she single-handedly raised my sister and me, and now we are both awesome mothers! 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to all the woman making life worth living for the kids; striving each day to better themselves in any situation they find themselves. Happy Mother’s Day even to the single men raising children and playing dual roles, gradually changing the negative stereotypes around male parenting

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