A Feminist’s Plea ~ SM

Why do you see me as strange
This thing you do, I do it too
Well, maybe not exactly as you
You see, my path has been different
We don’t wear the same size shoes
Or I’d ask you to step in mine
Feel the rhythm and take measured steps
And maybe recognise
That you and I
We’re two sides of the same coin
Our value is intertwined

So, don’t let them point fingers at me
And I’ll cover you with my law degrees
When you sit with chiefs on muted skins
Don’t let them think less of me
All because my tastes don’t smell of a hwentia seed
You and I, our joy is to clothe our babies’ backs
And as you carry yours on yours,
Judge me not for pushing a pram
Nor for choosing a line instead of a belt’s side
Stand with me, and I’ll stand with you
Together, our worth will soar
As all women’s were meant to.


Image source: The Washington Post