Raising The Bar ~ SM

When the goal seems further than you can see
When night drops its curtain at your window sill
When the crickets chirp in the distance signaling the silence all about
When you think it’s over
When you think it’s done

That’s when you start afresh with the sun on your mind
That’s when you light up candles, watch them wane through the night
That’s when you kick up two feet and lock both knees
That’s when you howl and scream through your teeth
That’s when you stand up and fight

And when you do you’ll find this truth
That it was inside you long before you knew you
Buried deep underneath years of tangled messy dreams
Yet still apt to burn hotter than the hells you’ve seen

It’s almost over, you must believe this to be true
Dig inside and it will seep through
And when it does don’t move the bar just yet
Take a minute to do a crazy dance first
Shout it out loud, “I’m reaching for my best”

Now, move it again.

~ SM

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