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Hey babe,

I’m not sure how this sounds, coming from your mama, but truthfully, being a mother for me means stretching beyond my usual boundaries of affection, intimacy, and (much harder for me) touch. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love you to death and back but I have never been a “touchy” person. So it’s still weird for me when you do random little things like scratch my legs for no reason, or hold my face in your hands like you’re about to share snippets of wisdom with me. I suppose that is what you are doing: teaching me to love without boundaries. 

So, thank you for running into my arms when you haven’t seen me in a while, unannounced hugs and sloppy kisses at all hours of the day and even for lengthy meal times where you’d rather bury your face in my lap than eat another piece of meat! (I wonder if you’ll grow up into a vegetarian.)

I’ll be taking me lessons with you very seriously!